In a healthy spine, there are three natural curves. In the neck, the mid back and the lower back. The curves cushion the spine from excessive stress or strain. A neutral spine alignment will help to stabilise the spine while walking, lifting and sitting.

Muscle imbalances can develop if the spine is out of alignment, you then risk stressing other joints and the surrounding muscles.

Good alignment is crucial to exercising safety and correcting muscle imbalances.

Pilates helps you to focus on good posture and to perform movements with precision and control so that you can encourage your body to re-learn healthy movement patterns, and ensure your spine is fully supported in a neutral alignment.

It’s important to work in a neutral position because:

  • It allows activation of the correct muscles during movement.
  • The natural curves help protect and cushion the spine.
  • It places the least amount of stress on the muscles.
  • It’s the best way to maintain good balance.
  • It makes breathing more efficient.
  • It uses the least amount of energy to maintain a desired position.