Doing your Pilates workout in a standing position offers a greater variety of exercises, but it’s also a great alternative for anyone who feels they are unable to easily get to the mat.

Improved Balance

As we get a little older, we usually find that our balance isn’t as good as it used to be. Pilates in standing can incorporate different levels of balance exercises to your routine, depending how stable you feel when standing on when leg. You can start with holding on to a chair for support, and gradually progress until you can stand on one leg and move your arms at the same time!

Bone Health

For me, one of the greatest benefits to exercise in standing, is the weight-bearing created through the legs and hips. This in turn helps increase the bone-building potential for anyone looking to prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Both balance and weight-bearing exercises are always beneficial for anyone who already has osteoporosis. It helps by delaying the progression and maintaining the strength of the bones, and helping to prevent falls from practising balancing exercises regularly.

Standing also gives us the opportunity to add a little more cardiovascular work so we can help to keep our heart healthy, without creating too much stress through the joints.

There are lots of props we can use in standing, such as weights, resistance bands and balance pads, all adding greater variety to our workouts.

Don’t be put off because you think Pilates is all done on the mat. There are lots of ways you can do your Pilates work out in standing.