Pilates for women in their 50s and beyond


Total Pilates is dedicated in supporting and guiding women over 50, in safe and effective Pilates exercise.

All of our  live online classes, workout routines and membership programmes, are suitable for you as you reach mid-life. We incorporate all aspects of fitness, such as mobility, suppleness, strength and balance into the routines, which are important elements as we reach this point in our lives.

Our speciality is taking the complete beginner through a progressive Pilates programme, where they can build from the basic moves, to develop and maintain a strong and flexible body, with long term health and wellness benefits.



Natalie Bond, Pilates Teacher

Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m a Pilates teacher from Worcester, UK and I have spent the past six years teaching beginners and women in their 50s and beyond, to help them transform their bodies with better movement and mobility, helping them to stay fit and active.

Starting out with classes and one-to-one sessions, I now also offer my services online so I can share my passion for Pilates and reach out to help as many people as possible and pass on the amazing benefits of Pilates.

Ensuring that you work to your own ability is very important, which is why I focus so much on the basic principles and movements when you first start. I want to provide the beginner simple Pilates exercise, with easy to follow instructions, so maximum benefits can be gained without hurting yourself.

When I’ll not teaching, you’ll find me at home with my husband and two children enjoying the Worcestershire countryside.