Thank you for your interest in Pilates.

I’m Natalie, and I specialise in teaching Pilates to women in their 50s and beyond who are looking to stay healthy, fit and active, help aches and pains, and restore their body so they can move freely and easily.

Pilates is a great form of exercise. It’s low impact, easy on the joints, and can easily be adapted if there are certain exercises that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Five important elements for women to focus on include bone strength, muscle strength and resistance exercises, balance and co-ordination, cardiovascular health and pelvic floor health. All of these elements can easily be covered in a Pilates workout.

To give you an insight into what a Pilates class is like, please take a look at the video below which was recorded during a recent Zoom session. This routine is ideal for the beginner.

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