FREE Pilates Taster Session

Don’t wait until January to start that New Years Resolution – start today with a FREE Pilates Taster Session.

Did you know that most of us give up on a new exercise routine within weeks of starting when we decide to get fit in January.

I’m a firm believer that starting NOW, just before Christmas, has big benefits. In just four sessions of Pilates, most people start to feel the benefits of moving their bodies, and with that momentum in place, it makes it easier to carry it through the holidays and into the New Year. Its hard to give up that freedom your body starts to feel once you’ve tasted it!

Come along any time before Christmas to try out a beginners class.

FREE Taster Sessions available on:
Monday and Wednesday mornings @ 11.35am
Wribbenhall Parish Room, Kidderminster Rd, Bewdley

Numbers are limited, so please email me at to reserve your place.

Discover Pilates and the many benefits it can have on your body.

If you want to reclaim your strength, mobility and suppleness, ease aches and pains or just simply relax and unwind, join me for a Pilates Taster session.

Pilates is suitable for any age. Most people discover Pilates when they’re in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s!

Contact: | 07941 742898

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