Need to kit yourself out?

Here is my selection of great Pilates equipment to get you started or add more to your collection.



Mats that have a thickness of 15mm are my choice. Click here.

10mm Mats are good, just not quite as much cushioning. Click here.


Folding Mats

A great option if you’re short on storage space as they fold flat. Click here.


Sitting Blocks

These blocks have a variety of uses, from helping you to sit more comfortably, to supporting your head. A 2″ block is ideal for Pilates. Click here.


Resistance Bands

These bands are great to add a little extra resistance to your workout. It’s good to have a choice. A light resistance for arms, and a heavier resistance for legs. Click here.


Hand Weights

Great to tone the arms while working out. Keep to a light weight, or choose a selection of different weights. Click here.

Another choice of hand weights. Click here.


Pilates Soft Ball

A great addition to your workout equipment. It works well to make the exercises more challenging, or to support and align the body. Click here.


Pilates Grip Socks

Pilates socks help to grip the mat so you never slip.

Toe Sox. Click here.

Tavi Noir. Click here.



These links will take you to one of my suppliers – Physical company. There are also some Amazon links, where I feel that price is better and
quality is just as good. These are my affiliate links. I will receive a small percentage from the sale of your equipment, but this will not affect the price you pay.