I seem to be talking a lot about posture recently. But that’s because poor posture causes so many problems for so many people.

I always seem to have several people who attend my sessions with neck or shoulder problems. They complain of pain in the shoulder, unable to turn their head or they can’t lift their arm without something hurting.

The solution is sometimes really simple. If you improve your posture and encourage your spine to lengthen, it will help to address the strain, tension, aches and pains you feel.

When I first discovered Pilates, I quickly realised the simple exercises are often the most powerful. We don’t have to lots of different exercises. We just need to stay consistent in what we do. And quite often, it’s the basic exercises that help the most.

This is why I’m so passionate about sharing Pilates, and the simple exercises we can add into our day, to make ourselves feel so much better. Not feeling stiff, no tension. Just relaxed, supple, and more mobile.

So today, I have a video of a live session I did in my Pilates group recently, that I would like to share with you.

Of course, it’s all about posture! There are two simple exercises, that are really effective.


As far as I’m concerned, Pilates is the best type of exercise you can do. It’s great for everyone, regardless of your age or fitness level, there is always something suitable for you.

Pilates is a mat based practice that teaches you how to use your stabilising muscles (the core) to control movement through the arms and legs. It can be a great full body workout, as it helps to build stability and strength throughout the body.

It’s a form of exercise that’s suitable for everyone, including seniors, helping to change the way you look, feel and move. It is not a”quick- fix” and you do need to persevere, but the results will be worth it in helping to improve strength, flexibility and decreasing stress.

Your power and strength come from your ‘core’ or ‘centre’, working the deep abdominal muscles to allow following movements while exercising. Pilates focuses on improving your posture, so when you finish a workout, you’ll feel like you’re standing up taller, and overtime the strength in the postural muscles will improve making it feel easier to stand up tall and help reduce any muscular discomfort.

Pilates is excellent for the rehabilitation of injuries and can help relieve pain and muscular discomfort. Pilates works all muscle groups in your body, teaching you to focus, gaining better awareness of your body and release any muscular tension.

Pilates encourages you to perform movements in a flowing and controlled way which co-ordinates mind, body and breathing. Quality of movement is vital, re-learning correct movement patterns and postures, improving balance, mobility and co-ordination.