I seem to be talking a lot about posture recently. But that’s because poor posture causes so many problems for so many people.

I always seem to have several people who attend my sessions with neck or shoulder problems. They complain of pain in the shoulder, unable to turn their head or they can’t lift their arm without something hurting.

The solution is sometimes really simple. If you improve your posture and encourage your spine to lengthen, it will help to address the strain, tension, aches and pains you feel.

When I first discovered Pilates, I quickly realised the simple exercises are often the most powerful. We don’t have to lots of different exercises. We just need to stay consistent in what we do. And quite often, it’s the basic exercises that help the most.

This is why I’m so passionate about sharing Pilates, and the simple exercises we can add into our day, to make ourselves feel so much better. Not feeling stiff, no tension. Just relaxed, supple, and more mobile.

So today, I have a video of a live session I did in my Pilates group recently, that I would like to share with you.

Of course, it’s all about posture! There are two simple exercises, that are really effective.